Bioenergy Services
Target Market / Customers
Hundreds of bioenergy projects are being proposed annually in the U.S. This competitive landscape, coupled with extreme market volatility, reinforces the need for rigorous technical and economic planning throughout a project's lifestyle. Numerous studies similar to the accompanying graphic have demonstrated the economic, schedule, and performance benefits gained through detailed planning and analysis. A wide variety of bioenergy projects could benefit, including:
  • Biomass to:
  •  -Transportation fuels - ethanol, biodiesel, and other biofuels
     -Electricity, syngas, synthetic natural gas, hydrogen, and chemicals
  • Conversion Technologies such as:
  •  -Gasification, pyrolysis, combustion, anaerobic digestion, thermal-chemical, biotechnology-based, microwave, plasma, among others.
    Diversified Energy Services
    Diversified Energy Corporation specializes in providing accurate, experienced, and objective engineering and economic services to bioenergy products. The company has supported numerous engagements and as a result has gained a reputation within the community as a respected and trusted expert. The corporation has developed its own modeling and analysis tools, economics databases, and has formed relationships with multiple strategic partners for niche technical expertise. As a result, Diversified Energy® can support projects involving a broad class of conversion technologies and a variety of energy outputs. Because Diversified Energy® also develops its own technologies, customers can always be assured that real experts with practical market knowledge are supporting their projects. Typical projects begin by helping the developer determine the viability and attractiveness of a project. Engagements then typically evolve into engineering design, technology selection, emissions profiling and permitting, representation to the financial community, and construction. Lastly, Diversified Energy can support in creating a sound operations and maintenance plan for the project.
    Economic Analysis
  • Capital and O&M costs
  • Rates of return (debt/equity)
  • Trades on redundancy and availability

  • Biomass Feedstock Assessment
  • Types supported by process; prep needs
  • Market availability,pricing, & sustainability

  • Engineering / Operating Performance
  • Design, interfaces, process flows, & volumes
  • Efficiency, reliability, and availability
  • Auxiliary resource requirements
  • Value-added byproduct possibilities
  • Technology Selection Support
  • Development of selection criteria
  • Request for proposals generation
  • Evaluation and selection

  • Environment Profiling / Permitting
  • Air, ground, and water emissions
  • CO2 capture and sequestration options

  • Construction and Operations
  • Construction contractor oversight
  • Operations and maintenance planning
  • Plant optimization and upgrades
  • Anomaly identification and resolution

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